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With our current economy in hard times, sometimes it is easier to stretch  out some purchases; especially something like your home air conditioner  and heating system. When your air conditioner dies on the hottest day  of the year or your furnace goes out in the dead of winter, you have few options available to you UNTIL NOW!

With our flexible financing options, we can take the sting out of an  unplanned product or system purchase. We can help you afford what you  deserve for you and your family.

Right now we are offering special financing for purchasing efficient systems.

Some of the financing that may be available to our clients are:

  • Financing as low as 5.99% oac
  • Low monthly payments
  • 6-9-12-18 deferred interest payments
  • GE MONEY has several financing plans offered to suit your needs with a NO Prepayment Penalty and NON Secured Loans
  • Financing may actually be negated due to the increase utility savings!

There is no reason to wait!
Financing, increased value in your home, health and comfort.
Let us help you find the correct system that you want and need for your home!


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